Radar Speed Signs

Speed signs have been proven to be effective, especially with today’s highly visual, distracted drivers.

Cloud & Data Systems

Access all your traffic data and manage sign performance from anywhere with internet.

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Traffic Calming Products
to Keep Your Industry Safe

  • Municipalities

    Municipalities throughout the world face the same challenges on their streets. How can you keep traffic moving at a safer pace to protect drivers and pedestrians?

  • Business & Industrial

    In industrial environments and on corporate campuses, slow speeds are crucial for workplace and pedestrian safety. Learn how to slow vehicles when every km/hr counts.

  • Private Communities

    Residents want the streets in their communities to be safe for themselves and their families. Learn how you can reclaim safety for your neighborhood streets.

  • School Zones

    Every city, town, and village wants students to be able to get to and from school safely each day. Slowing traffic in and around schools is important to protect children.

  • Work Zones

    Work zones are typically marked by traffic cones, signs, flags, and the like. How can you make drivers aware of roadway and speed limit changes

  • Police Enforcements

    We have the solutions you need at competitive prices to help you enforce speed limits with round-the-clock enforcement.

  • Military Bases

    Cars entering and driving on military bases need to maintain safe speeds to protect personnel, trainees, soldiers, and their families.


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